Visitor Management system in Use

Does your business need a Visitor Management system? If you are confused, this is the article to help you out.

Modern Visitor management systems are biometric solutions based on capturing individual features like face, fingerprint, iris etc for providing access to premises. The details captured are stored in a database and are cross-checked every time the individual crosses the visitor management system. This is acquired by using a matching algorithm, the biometric device matches the newest captured patterns with the older patterns. When it finds the appropriate match it grants the authentication to the individual.

Screencheck Saudi , one of the leading biometric service providers in UAE explains why visitor management is essential to the changing business scenario across the globe. Screencheck Saudi suggests that one needs to be sure about the security system in Saudi Arabia before installing them. The various reasons that can help you to rely on the face recognition technology-based visitor management system are as follows:

1.Securing the complete premises.
A visitor management system is efficient enough to provide security in the entire premise through face recognition technology. No matter the capacity of the organization. It can provide security to any scale of industries.

2.Alarm system to check suspicious activity
The visitor management system is reliable enough to support the security of the premises. If the premise gets attacked by the unauthenticated individuals, then the device is facilitated with the alarm system which blows when the device senses anything wrong.

Compared to the device’s capability, the one-time installation charge is very cheap. Also, the device needs a maintenance charge which is also low when it is measured with its efficiency. Better than other security systems visitor management system works on the premise at a lower cost.

4.Simple installation method
The face recognition system does not possess complex wiring connections. Also, the installation of this electronic device does not require any expert team for its installation or so. It is thus based on the easy installation procedure.

5.Contact-less technology
The new visitor management systems are based on no human touch technology which has been helping immensely during the pandemic. This feature also helps the device to enhance security throughout the premise and reduces fraudulence.

VAMS is one of the most trusted visitor management systems currently in the Saudi Market. The system allows visitor registration, issues badges, monitor, and control the movement of individuals. It allows registration of the visitors within a short time, verifies their identification documents and verifies the blacklist before issuing the visitor badges. Screencheck Saudi examines the latest industries that have been adopting visitor management systems.

1.Logistic Industry.
Visitor Authentication and Management System caters to the Corporates, Commercial buildings, Residential buildings, and Hi Secure premises. The application can integrate with business process applications of all industries. VAMS is built on robust technology currently processing 300,000 visitors a day.

2.Security Industry
VAMS has been helping the security industry which deals with relocations, information management, cash management and Real Estate. VAMS touchless has a seamless entry/ exit process and ensures the safety & security of visitors, employees, contractors, residents thereby managing entrance control.

3.Schools and Colleges
Technological driven educational institutions are popularizing the use of visitor management systems. VAMS touchless application will ensure the safety of students, visitors, school, staff, and contractors and manage entrance control. The system ensures that the educational sector continues to move on quickly the post-pandemic.

Screencheck at Saudi Arabia is now offering the best Visitor management system in Saudi Arabia, the VAMS. You can either walk-in the store or choose the shop online by following the website, Screenchecksaudi