Kuiq Meeting system is a comprehensive workspace management solution that offers a wide range of features to enhance office productivity and optimize meeting space utilization. The system enables the seamless organization and booking of meeting space with the provision of necessary equipment, F&B ordering and management of visitors. The system also facilitates the booking of flexible desks and office pods. Kuiq Meeting can be seamlessly integrated with different calendars, third-party access control and room sensor systems, allowing for RFID/NFC controlled access, meeting attendance and check-in/check-out. The system’s ePaper dynamic dual-side display generates and publishes meeting delegate details, room-specific agenda, Wi-Fi password etc. allowing easy access to information. The Kuiq Meeting system also provides a view to being integrated with large screens in the reception/ lobby area which gives the meeting attendees a floor plan for easy navigation and an overview of the different meetings.

The system is available in Red, White, and Black colours, and offers a range of optional features, including finding and booking desks, floor maps, colleague location tracking, zone marking, capacity management, project-based booking, and resource details for desks.

Product Features

    • Compatible with Android or Windows Devices
    • Deploy Internet or Intranet
    • On-Premise or On- Cloud
    • Role-based approval
    • Policy-based room utilization
    • Remote Device Management
    • Battery Operated
    • Cable Free
    • Portable
    • Visitor Badge
    • QR Code Generation
    • Host Notifications
    • Intelligent Visitor Management
    • Time Status
    • ePaper (Dynamic Meeting Delegate Labels)


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