Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing a major transformation in terms of industrial growth as the economy is on a diversification path. A growing appetite for modernization coupled with the incorporation of latest technological advancements have added impetus to the Kingdom’s progress towards sustainable growth.

Saudi Arabia recently announced its 100-billion riyal (AED 97.9-billion) plan to create over a million jobs by weaning the kingdom off oil to increase the investment in logistics zone and expand industrialization.

Jeddah and Riyadh are part of the 12 logistic zones which can give more export opportunities to the private sector for industrial expansion.

With the rise in employment opportunities in the logistics and industrial sector, the sudden growth in work population might become chaotic and time- consuming to manage employment activity.

In a large-scale industrial set-up, a vast number of employees enter and exit simultaneously at different shifts. The time and attendance of each employee needs to be tracked at a fast, accurate rate to strengthen industrial management.

Since biometrics is automated, it enables fast monitoring of a huge work population and can serve as an accurate solution to employee management on a large scale.

Need for biometric time and attendance solutions

With biometric time attendance system Saudi Arabia, devices can be linked directly to one system of the HR to build and monitor management in human resources, employee activity, work schedules and work shifts by providing instant access to real-time accurate data.

With biometrics linked to time and attendance, management is strengthened as delegated authentication and fraud access is eliminated, employment activity is monitored in real time, work schedules of various types can be set up and updated instantly. Immediate notifications increase productive work time and prevent task confusion.

Suprema offers centralized and distributed solutions in biometric time & attendance management. The biometric devices help simplify the employee timesheet monitoring, automatically calculate work hours and collect data displaying it at a glance. These devices can be connected to HR or ERP systems.

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia

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