ScreenCheck Saudi provides quality ID cards in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Saudi Arabia initiated solutions to not only protect the security of their own citizens, but to lend a helping hand to other countries and incorporate a regional framework of cooperation.

Challenge in digitalization

The combination of digitalization and technology makes it easier for Riyadh to implement procedures that protect citizens and residents alike.

However, the dependency on technology today is the challenge of digitalization, as it eliminates accountability and responsibility.

For example, the implementation of electronic gates at airports in Saudi Arabia as the first and last line of defense becomes a drawback in accountability and responsibility and therefore, creates a loophole as so much trust is asserted into technology that human verification or cross-checking is neglected.

Need for ID card printers in Riyadh

ID cards are a basic and simple tool that allow access to information and personal identification, but only a few ID card printers have the capabilities required to print secure and quality cards at a fast rate.

As the financial hub and capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh needs more of these quality ID card printers and plastic card printers, available to print visually appealing, durable and secure ID cards at any time and any speed.

ScreenCheck Saudi provides ID card printers in Saudi Arabia suitable for any type of card printing. Their ID card printing systems support most of the identification technologies like Mifare, RFID, UHF, HID, contact smart card, proximity and so on which manage the entire printing process.

ScreenCheck ME

In association with Zebra, Suprema, Impinj, Bravo, Tiso and Edikio and many more, ScreenCheck Middle East not only distributes ID card printers, but also provides cutting edge solutions, biometric readers, access control equipment, RFID readers, and CCTV cameras.