Fuelled by increasing demand from religious, business and leisure visitors and the ongoing diversification of Saudi Arabia’s economy, the Kingdom’s hotel sector is set for growth in 2019, said a recent report by real estate consultancy Savills.

Being the main gateway to Mecca and Madina, Jeddah has been a significant contributor to the growth of the hospitality sector in Saudi. The Kingdom’s ambitions to grow the number of Hajj and Umrah tourists – currently the biggest contributor to Saudi visitor numbers – to 30 million by 2030, from around 19 million today, will further add to the growth of the hospitality sector.

The hotels are required to handle the huge influx of tourists and exceed customer expectations to keep pace with the growth. Customer service being an important component of hospitality, guest safety and security, product quality and an enhanced experience are all key issues that the hotels have to address on a daily basis.

RFID can help boost the hospitality business in numerous ways through its automated solutions.

Use of RFID solutions in the hospitality sector

RFID can hold many different types of data. A single RFID-enabled card could serve as the guest’s room key and tracker if the right sensors and software are implemented. In fact, things like room temperature can also be tied into an RFID card. Not only can it help in guest and staff tracking but also food and beverage monitoring, luggage tracking, managing linen and guest room inventory and high-value item tracking, among others.

RFID solutions provide location tracking of multiple people, assets, files and inventory with an RFID tag in real time. As the information provided is in real time, credible and accurate, it enhances the guest experience and increases operational efficiency.

Using the Impinj platform significantly reduces costs associated with processing laundry, lost items and inventory management. Impinj’s RFID products include antennas, readers, gateways and Xportals.

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia

In association with Zebra, Suprema, Impinj, Bravo, Tiso and Edikio and many more, ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia not only provides RFID solutions but also offers access control equipment, ID card printers, CCTV cameras, etc. Horizon Informatic Trading is a branch of ScreenCheck Middle East.