Logistics is one of the key sectors that is part of the new industrial strategy adopted by Saudi Arabia to develop a new era of sustainable development and economic diversification.

In the logistics sector alone, the Kingdom aims to develop and operate logistics zones close to major ports with investment opportunities worth 7 billion riyals.

Riyadh, the financial hub of Saudi, is part of the 12 logistic zones planned by the Kingdom that can give more export opportunities for industrial expansion.

The development of the logistic zone in Riyadh will mean a large-scale increase in air freight, sea freight and warehousing, which will have to be managed efficiently. Introducing RFID into the logistics chain can offer numerous advantages over traditional inventory control methods.

How RFID can help in logistics

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions provide location tracking of people, assets, files and inventory with RFID tags simultaneously in real time when linked to a system. Credible information can be retrieved instantly from a huge database for a specified concern.

Accurate information helps companies manage their assets and transportation vehicles by instilling a sense of accountability. By implementing RFID solutions, access control to huge logistics parks, for example at docking gates, can be managed effectively by limiting identity fraud, error or confusion.

RFID solutions also increase visibility into asset management, yard management, warehouse management, dispatch, pickup and delivery, smoothening the flow of goods by aggregating pallets to containers. This helps companies to enhance services to their customers. RFID also strengthens distribution administration.

Impinj offers an integrated set of software, hardware (devices such as antennas, readers, gateways and Xportals) and application interface for all RFID needs.  Impinj’s superior platform is ideal for inventory management, asset tracking, authentication and serialization applications.

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia

In association with Zebra, Suprema, Impinj, Bravo, Tiso and Edikio and many more, ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia not only provides RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia but also offers cutting-edge solutions in biometrics, access control, ID card printing, etc. Horizon Informatic Trading is a branch of ScreenCheck Middle East.