Perimeter security is one of the utmost needs of businesses, industries, or large residential premises. Road blockers play a pivotal role in ensuring business confidentiality and visitor management. Technically, a road blocker is a device that is operated in an electro-hydraulic manner to obstruct vehicles when they evade a territory or a space. So, if you are considering securing your business or residential area and finding a reliable road blocker supplier in Saudi Arabia, there are some factors that you must consider. Read on to learn about them in detail.

Factors to Select the Right Road Blocker for Enhanced Security and Safety

Here are 8 important aspects to keep in mind when looking for the right road blockers for fulfilling your security needs:

1. Certified for a Crash Test

You need to choose a device that has undergone rigorous certifications. A good road safety barrier must be able to stop unauthorised or forceful access inside a business or industrial premises.

Therefore, it is vital that you install a device that can stop such forceful entry and take less damaging impact while imposing restrictions.

Additionally, you should look for products that follow international standards of safety like ASTM F2656, or PAS 68. These standards are used to certify roadblockers that can stop heavy lorry attacks at high speeds. Screencheck offers certified roadblocks like ASTM F2656, and M50 ROAD BLOCKER that are built with expert engineers and are tested to withstand high speed impact from heavy goods vehicles.

Do not invest in products that become unusable after an unforeseen accident related to forceful entry.

2. Integration with Visitor Management Systems

If you want a centralised management then invest in products that can be integrated with other access control systems. You can invest in a sensor that can work integratively with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system.

One such product is the RFID-Access control system, which ensures that you are allowing vehicles to have clearance to enter your facility.

Additionally, using a crash barrier supporting other visitor management systems reduces the wastage of functional devices. This way, you can use systems that provide dual benefits in a single platform.

3. Durability and Material of Road Blockers

When you use a road blocker for your facility please ensure that they are durable. Generally, a road blocker needs to be durable for being placed outside and facing the direct elements of nature. Additionally, make sure that the chosen road safety barrier can withstand constant use.

Thus, it is beneficial to use road safety blockers that can tackle harsh weather and constant use at the same time. You must also check the interior components of the road blocker and along with its material. Make sure that the oil piston used in the road blocker is durable for prolonged usage.

4. Camouflaging Abilities

Make sure to use crash barriers that can be well concealed behind any architectural features or decorative cladding. Thus, it helps the road blocker that you use to blend with the surroundings and operate when you want it to.

Generally, it is a good practice to choose a road blocker that can blend with the surroundings and uplift a site’s visual appeal.

5. Budget

When you consider a road safety blocker for your business, compare prices for various manufacturers. This not only helps you to get an idea of the cost, but you also gather relevant information about the features that you are getting for a price.

However, do not go for a product that is too cheap! As it might incur other costs in the long run related to its maintenance. If you are looking for premium quality roadblocks under affordable budgets, go for the ScreenCheck product range.

6. Operational Efficiency and Speed

Operation speed is a crucial factor to consider while choosing a roadblock. Suppose, you choose a road blocker and it functions slower than necessary. In this case, there might be an issue of road blockage and slow entry or exit from the facility. Thus, you must choose a road safety barrier that offers quicker retraction and deployment times.

Moreover, consider the size of your facility and the average number of vehicles that pass through its gates. If you have this idea then it will be easier for you to choose an appropriate gate to cater for your needs.

7. Security Level for Your Premises

The security level required for your facility is one of the most important features to consider before you choose a road safety barrier. Consider road blockers that are automatic or they can withstand a large impact force. If you have a commercial facility, then it will be convenient for you to use automatic rising road blockers.

On the other hand, if you have a government facility having VIPs inside, then you need crash-proof solutions. Make sure that you contact road blocker suppliers in Saudi Arabia that manufacture road blockers withstanding the ramming force of vehicles.

8. Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

Make sure that the road safety barrier that you use, has an automatic number plate recognition system pre-installed. This is an innovative technology where if a vehicle does not have its number plate recognised then they are restricted.

Simply, as a car moves towards the road safety barrier, a camera takes a photo of the number plate with the VRM (vehicle Registration Mark). The photo is sent to a reader which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to read the image. If the information is flagged green in the database, then the car gets entry or exit simultaneously.

Apart from these, you need to identify the scalability that can be obtained. If the device that is present is scalable to a higher degree. Then it is convenient for you to manage increasing visitors in your facility.

To sum up, make sure that the quality and operational capacity of the device can be up-scaled easily as required. Consider contacting a reputed road blocker supplier in Saudi Arabia that can design efficient road blockers having high operational speed and value.

By making a decision based on thorough research it becomes easy for you to choose the perfect road blocker for your organisation. Additionally, train the operators of your road blocker to prevent any mishappenings regarding its functionality. Ensure the safety of your operators and the vehicles that pass through your facility before installing a roadblock.

At ScreenCheck Saudi we can offer superior products that fit well with your industrial requirements. We house carefully engineered products from industry leaders that are the perfect blend of design, durability, and crash-certified to cater to your needs successfully.