Iris recognition by Nova Face

Introducing the advanced iris recognition system in Saudi Arabia, Nova Face. Currently available at Screencheck, the most desirable biometric solution provider in Saudi Arabia.
Iris recognition methods find patterns in the coloured portion of the eye and create a unique signature. Therefore, the iris becomes one of the best tools for providing access control. The iris pattern has the most desirable properties for verification compared to other biometrics because of its uniqueness, stability over time and relatively easy accessibility. It also has the highest accuracy among all biometrics.

1.Ease of Use
A camera captures a detailed image of your eye and maps a biometric pattern that is saved into the system. This saved pattern is then cross-checked every time a pattern is registered to the system. To verify identity later, an individual simply looks at the iris reader from a comfortable distance, and the system compares the patterns in the individual’s iris against the templates stored in the database. If there’s a match, the individual’s identity is verified.
Iris technology is cost-effective and simple. There are no cards to be replaced when worn out or lost; no RFID blocking sleeves are necessary to prevent hacking, and operations can be streamlined through reduced time and labour. Some systems allow scanning of up to 30 people per minute from a distance of several feet. And the system experiences less wear and tear compared to other biometric access control systems.
Iris technology provides higher security as it doesn’t involve an external medium for accessing a lock. In conventional methods, cards can be lost or the data stored in the card can be erased. There are no cards to be lost, loaned or duplicated, and iris information cannot be falsified. An iris cannot be shared or stolen, and iris readers cannot be fooled by makeup, hair or clothing changes.
4.Multiple uses
Iris technology has been used in many industries and organizations with varying capacities. As an identity management solution, iris readers have been deployed in mainstream security locations in addition to environments as diverse as federal, state and local law enforcement, correctional facilities, travel and border security, healthcare and financial services as well as sports and entertainment venues. Saudi Arabia has started using iris technology in screening passengers at their airport. CMITech and Virdi have collaborated with the Spain government to set up multiple modal biometric solutions for various organizations.
Iris technology and its related innovations have enabled the system to scan multiple individuals without hampering their free movement. It’s extremely low FAR (False Acceptance Rates) and FRR (False Rejection Rates) are superior to those of other biometric modalities, making it better positioned for widespread usage.

Nova Face

Nova Face is a Compact, wall-mountable terminal for high throughput access control and time & attendance applications using iris technology. It’s a highly reliable cost-effective embedded system providing great output. Employing the latest of high-performance ARM processors, the NovaFace features a highly powerful Cortex A53 “octa-core” (eight-core) CPU for ultra-face capture and processing of face images.
The system has a high shutter speed allowing it to capture many images at a time allowing users to stay at a comfortable distance from the scanner. The interface is intuitive and engaging, giving a sense of effortlessness. Authentication and identification are done quickly with its fast processor with the ability to process around 10,000 faces and store around 3000 active iris templates.
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