Visitor management in Schools


Parents always visit school to check on their pupils. The record of which is unavailable making school management on a risky terrain. Visitor management system in Saudi Arabia is now implemented in various schools and campuses around the country.


With the educational sector going through a crisis, there is a considerable change going on globally. Educational institutions are improving the safety and security for teachers, students and parents. Gone are the days when a security personal would collect information from every visitor at school using a logger book. There has always been a problem with unwanted and unsolicited visitors at the campus. Visitor Management systems in Saudi Arabia are now employed in most campuses to secure the premises. Touch screen visitor management solutions are being adopted, which are easy to use and improve visitor experience, whilst delivering upon the underlying need for better safeguarding processes.


Screencheck, one of the leading dealers of visitor management systems in Saudi Arabia lists 5 features that can help students and parents while visiting campus.


Maintaining security and Safety

If your school or campus is crowded and you are confused on how to manage the movement and security of the premises, the visitor management system for school is the best solution. Management won’t need to monitor. Parents while visiting school can use self-service software to sign-in and out using VMS without the intervention of any officials. This also frees up busy reception staff to dedicate their efforts to operations, while the VMS takes care of the tedious tasks.


Ease of use

The latest VMS are packed with innovations and build for tomorrow. The VMS are made to suit each work environment so that it doesn’t affect the work or the movement of the people. The system also helps to avoid errors which are often encountered in conventional logger book systems. Errors which can lead to inaccurate visitor data being held which can have serious consequences in emergency situations and fire evacuations.

Also, management needn’t find methods to keep the logger book safe as every information is saved as data. The management needn’t monitor every exit and entry into the school. The Visitor Management System in Saudi Arabia enabled at various schools offer access to real-time and reports regarding the security of the premises.


Access Control

With effective access control, schools can filter who can visit the school and who all can be inside. Terms and conditions of the system can be fed to the system so that it takes appropriate measuring when granting permission. The hardware can have built-in RFID card readers which allow staff to sign-in and out instantly using their existing door access cards. As a result building access and staff sign-in are streamlined into one automated process.


Convenience at its Best with VMS in Saudi Arabia

Visitor management system makes monitoring of movement easy. Installing VMS makes the whole visitor registration easy and simple. Since the system is user friendly, anyone can operate the system knowing it is simple. The school management needn’t find someone to operate the VMS.

VMS allows visitors to walk through a biometric integrated walkway which can capture details and save them. Screencheck, one of the leading biometric solution providers in Saudi Arabia believes that the educational sector can have great advantage by installing VMS in campuses, making it futuristic and secure.