Manage Efficiently Visitors at your office


Understanding different visitors at your office helps you to maintain an order and helps you make changes to increase productivity. Visitor management systems in Saudi Arabia is definitely redefining office spaces.


Knowing just the time and visit of each visitor doesn’t essentially bring a change to your office working environment. Collecting data of visitors at the office, knowing each purpose can bring effective changes. Analyzing why people are visiting your office can help you effectively manage visitors and provide them comfort and convenient service. When you streamline the check-in- process for each visit, you are making the visitor happy and your employees content.


Screencheck is one of the leading distributors of Visitor management systems in Saudi Arabia who have been spreading awareness for using VMS in the wake of Covid-19. But in this article, experts at Screencheck distinguish various kinds of visitors at your office and how you can sensibly manage them.


Delivery personal

These visits include routine deliveries of things like water, snacks and stationeries to the office.  Legal officials and advisors can also visit the office for documentation purposes. Employees are free to order their food from outside and therefore, occasional visits of food delivery agents can be added. Employees may ship personal packages to their office location if that seems safer or easier than having packages shipped to their private residences. These data can help office management to streamline the deliveries so that it doesn’t hinder the work. Management can initiate a campaign encouraging employees to bring home food or make provision to pick up delivery beforehand.


A VMS system in which the delivery personal can alert their arrival and the details of their package can help maintain order in the office. It’s also possible that requiring a delivery person to select a recipient name may cause confusion and inconvenience for them, based on the size of your office.



Collecting data regarding visits of service providers ( cleaners, service, caterers etc.) can be helpful for tracing purposes and also can be used for emergency processes. Employees can contact contractors through VMS without having contact saved to their personal phone. You can add default functionalities in VM like cleaning for cleaning stuff, delivery for common delivery personals or service for service engineers so that they don’t fall into common categories.


Job Interviews

When there is a large inflow of applicants in the office, it might be difficult to collect every individual information and process it. With a Visitor management system in place, you can collect personal information which can be  used in different scenarios. The HR will be able to use job candidate sign-in data to assess how early candidates arrived for their appointments, and assess how long candidates spent on-site so they can plan accordingly for future job interviews. Your office needs to impress the candidates and candidates value companies who value their individual time. With VMS the HR team can line up the candidate according to an order and help them feel comfortable.


Appointments, both personal and business

These meetings are either personal like friends or family planning to meet briefly during office hours or can be a complete business meet up. These should be tracked to know your employees engagement in work and personal matters during office hours. As for the management, they can decide the number of meeting spaces required or what kind of meeting space they are looking forward to. This can also help management to check the time of visitors and make necessary changes in the total working hour so that the work isn’t affected. Visitor management systems in Saudi Arabia can alert employees to visitors’ arrivals using an alert/ notification system.


Employee Register

Management can track employees using VMS. This gives data regarding entry and exit of employees on a real time basis. The system helps to find the most productive hour of the office and thus helps the management to plan and schedule work hours. Make sure that you communicate with employees regarding the new VMS system and let them know what data are shared with the company. Making VMS just a tool for monitoring check-in and out might not yield positive results so the management needs to wisely find a way that can profit both sides. You might consider requiring check-ins for part-timers, interns, or volunteers who visit semi-regularly.


Collecting information about your employees is easy now. Therefore, it can help management to take necessary changes to increase the productivity etc. VMS has become an essential need as the pandemic is still spreading and the economy needs to run. VMS was vastly employed even before Covid-19, but it has gained importance with recent developments.


Keeping safe data regarding the visitors can be even useful for legal purposes and insurance policies. VMS has become a blessing for the management and rescue workers in the time of distress which allows them to know who are all inside the office at a given time.