If your business involves lots of logistics and movement of resources, then installing a RFID asset tracking system can help you run the business in a safer way. Know more about RFID asset tracking systems in Saudi Arabia.

The radio frequency identification (RFID) is used for tracking assets. There are two main solutions– passive and active. Screencheck Saudi, leading RFID system dealers in Saudi Arabia to explain in more detail the difference between the two solutions and their use.

Active systems:

In the active systems, the tags are battery operated which has been used in the industry. The signals that are sent from the assets to the real-time systems are used for locating humans and objects. The small battery tags used by the real-time systems can deliver active signals to the sensors in that area, and it is done through the ZigBee ( ZigBee is a low-power, wireless mesh network)

Passive systems:

On the contrary, passive systems do not use any type of power supply. The tracking is only detected when the transition takes place. The follow-up can only be done in areas where readers are located. These short-ranged readers are used in supply chain management systems for inventory control and managing.

The standard electrical outlets allow the monitoring sensors to be plugged into it, through the mesh network. Usually, the assets are attached to objects or people and enable locating the persons when needed. Additionally, the movement and the status of the people and objects are tracked and noted down for use by the institutions. The web-enabled computers monitor these people and equipment in real-time. The tags help in active-updating of the object for the purpose of RFID management.

The above-illustrated method of following is the active one and can be installed at any location inside the facility. It can also be installed at an occupied service room and the quickest system which does not involve much disruption. It is also not expensive and serves medical clinics and institutions the best.

It is an application that can be used by multiple industries and is used in the manufacturing plant, distribution centres, school, healthcare facility and public institution. It is important to install a similar application in facilities to track and manage various systems. Since each organization has different needs it is important the solutions are designed to match the requirements.

Use by Healthcare Industry

Medical institutions are installing the technology to help in tracking patients and equipment. It helps in monitoring the staff and patients. It also ensures the right medicine is given to the right patient and reduces the hospital expenses by tracking inventories, work and services causing the hospital system to work for the best!

Used for Supply Chain

The operational performance is improved while using these technologies as well. The diversions and the counterfeit drugs are tracked by the asset systems and the technology, which is used for follow-up, helps the pharmaceutical industries to track down drugs leaving the location. In other words, the overall supply chain process now monitored.

The other places to look for RFID Asset Tracking devices are – fleet maintenance, retail, inventory follow-up and manufacturing. You can also look for it in places like airports, safety compliance, document following, aerospace and defence.

Bene Asset Tracking solution

Bene Asset tracking system combines RFID tags and smartphones and is more convenient than the conventional barcode systems. The system informs you real-time location of the asset once it is moved. Bene asset tracking system tags assets with an appropriate UHF Gen 2 RFID tag and fixed RFID infrastructure is a cost-effective way to check asset movement. Handheld readers are used in conjunction to perform a variety of works related to logistics.

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